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Professional Day Trading for Retail Investors

Our Vision

Our vision is to allow retail investors access to the same speed of information, data and execution of positions that professional market participants currently enjoy

Our Story

Established in 2015 to allow retail investors and traders access to professionally managed trading accounts and the expertise of professional traders


We will earn your trust and loyalty by delivering an exceptional trading experience with superior execution and low costs through our in-house OMS and CATS systems.

We pride ourselves on being a close relationship firm, with a sharp focus on accessibility and transparency. Both trust and integrity also play a major part across our complete range of  professional services and operational activities. All of our clients, both institutional and retail, alike, have their own specialist and suitably qualified account executives / advisors / consultants, either as individuals, and / or part of a collective team, whose initial function  is to act as a single point of contact throughout the  investor relationship. We have found over the years this particular practise is favoured by most clients, as it leads to a more personal ‘’One on One’’ service and helps to strengthen the client – advisor relationship. Put simply, to us you are a client with specific  financial requirements and not merely an account number on one of our trading desks. In this sense, we are very much a people first focused company where  you are an integral part of our long term focus..

With a combined 125 years of capital market trading experience, we operate a disciplined approach to the capital markets and we encourage our clients to engage a similar posture. Formulating long-term client relationships built on trust and understanding, we offer a wide array of services from execution only to discretionary and finally full advisory services across all major asset classes, sectors and markets.

Our array of services can be standard execution only at true live best market prices ,with competitive commission rates levied, or indeed, bespoke in order to meet a client’s  specific  risk – v –  reward investment objectives, within a certain time period and framework with full and flexible risk management structures in place. Additionally, we also offer a full portfolio management service across all major asset classes, sectors and markets. Finally, margin facilities are also available for derivative trading and leveraged associated instruments.

Once you have filled in your Account Application Form, had your account processed, confirmed, funded and signed your Agreement our professional traders will get to work on your capital with risk management tools in place to suit your risk appetite.

Jean Marcout - Toulouse 02/08/2018

” A great way to profit from the stock market without ever having to learn the ‘hard stuff’. Highly recommended!”

Jean Marcout - Toulouse 02/08/2018

“These guys are great! I have zero experience but had so much fantastic help and made a very good profit within a few weeks. ’. Excellent!”
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