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About us

We are an international company with a forward thinking approach to global capital market trading. We have a dedicated focus on service, accessibility and consistent long term performance. Established in 2005, we have built up a strong reputation in the industry, based on a straight forward, honest and highly professional approach to trading the capital markets. We keep it simple when necessary, often settling for mid price profits as opposed to top of the market returns on capital, where risk is often a significant factor. Furthermore, when market conditions warrant, both domestic and international, alike, we will engage more complex and flexible trading strategies to benefit from continuous changing market action. Simply put, we formulate and implement the appropriate trading strategies at the correct time and in order to derive the full benefit from market action and consequential price development.

Truly Independent

We are one hundred percent truly  independent ,which in turn  allows us to provide you, the client,  with  optimum performance and a thoroughly professional  service. We have no professional or fee arrangements with industry product providers, which allows us to monitor market action, run neutral positions and provide a catalogue  of profit focused  impartial services. All of our transactional costs and associated fees are transparent and, clients can access their accounts at any time through our trading desks , either over the phone, or instantly through our computerised automated trading systems .



Ace Business Holdings


We are pioneers by nature.



We are always innovating.


We craft the tools that give traders an edge.


Award winning Research and education

Quality of Service & Performance

​Each of our trading desks  has a limited number of clients, as this enables us to provide a personal service on trade execution, advice, account administration and portfolio management and allows us to focus on individual performance and quality of service.

Keeping it Flexible

We trade the capital markets when we see true market participation value and low risk profit potential , where both  diligence coupled with the necessary applied skill sets will ultimately furnish the required return on capital employed  result. We do this with or without leverage, depending upon the opportunities available prior to opening the position, but if need be however, our trading strategy’s flexibility, allow us to change the same dependent upon market action and conditions prevalent at the time. In today’s complex global trading arena, flexibility with speed is an important factor, particularly when competing with High Frequency Traders and Dark Pool investors.

Proprietary Research & Analysis

​Our various departments consisting of experienced sector and asset class specific  traders, portfolio managers both institutional and private retail  , in-house analysts and researchers,  deliver across the entire spectrum of today’s global capital markets. We pride ourselves on the high level of research and analysis our in-house teams conduct often resulting in  sourcing  market trends before they actually occur and prior to the herd instinct kicking in. Careful and thorough market analysis and research is of equal , if not more importance, than market timing and foresight, as it invariably provides  the solid platform for t successful trading.


Our  core team professional market participants  consists of leading financial industry veterans who have pioneered and helped shape the industry as we know it today. We are a group of passionate, independent thinkers who never stop exploring new ways to improve trading for the self-directed trader and who don’t mind shaking up the status quo to spur change for the better.


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