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Mergers & Acquistions

Corporate Strategy Makes The Company Greater Than Its Business Units 

Our M & A’s strategic analysts have participated in numerous M & A’s over the years in various industry sectors, devising corporate strategies as an integral part of the transactions. We have conducted rigorous analysis on behalf of transactional participants so that they in turn can fully understand the target company’s strength, together with external conditions. The analysis importantly, also develops a set of prioritised options as challenges and opportunities for growth are defined, options to defend often tend to grow.

Truly Independent

We are one hundred percent truly  independent ,which in turn  allows us to provide you, the client,  with  optimum performance and a thoroughly professional  service. We have no professional or fee arrangements with industry product providers, which allows us to monitor market action, run neutral positions and provide a catalogue  of profit focused  impartial services. All of our transactional costs and associated fees are transparent and, clients can access their accounts at any time through our trading desks , either over the phone, or instantly through our computerised automated trading systems .



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Corporate Strategy Sets Out The Company’s Direction, Resource Allocation & Growth Plans 

On behalf of transactional  participants and their professional advisors – accountants , lawyers and tax advisors under the leading advisor , we have worked on the formulation of several candidate pools, covering – sector, industry, competitive position within the sector / industry / product mix, revenue size, market capitalisation, together with the production of  screening criteria, covering strategic and financial criteria , affordability, profitability, shareholder preferences, transaction structure preferences and finally management requirements

Getting As Close As Possible

Employing traditional valuation methodologies – Discounted Cash flow Income Approach – Market Comparison and Net Asset Approach / Balance Sheet Methods, we have conducted various valuations of target companies. In order to get as close as possible to the transactions true market values

Other Valuation Factors

Albeit, valuation is an art and whilst the employment of formulas implies exactness, it can be very difficult to set the true worth of a target company at a single figure. However, to get as near as possible to this figure we also analyse hard numbers such as historical earnings, cash flows, assets and liabilities, together with projected earnings , future cash flows, and finally the value of intangibles.

Creating The Environment

Finally, we attempt to create a deal environment which correlates directly with the final transaction price, as factors such as current market conditions, industry popularity, acquisition structure, tax attributes and the objectives of the transactional parties often have a significant impact on true market value pricing.

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