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​We offer a comprehensive trading and investment service, managed, discretionary or execution only for market participants , both private retail and institutional, alike .Our aim is to help our clients achieve consistent portfolio performance growth within a strategy and/or strategies , where the structure and framework  and growth and / or income objectives matches the clients risk – reward appetite.

​Not only can we help you grow your portfolio and increase your capital base, but additionally we can help you  protect your assets from continuously changing market conditions and sentiment. Today’s global capital markets are inter-linked , and with the rapid speed of modern communication platforms conditions and market sentiment  can change quickly, and if not acted upon efficiently and correctly, financial  detriment will ultimately occur to the asset classes comprised in  your portfolio. Put simply, it is imperative that the correct action is taken, at the right time before the negative impact causes losses.


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Investing and trading is as much about protecting against potential downsides as it is about targeting maximum growth and / or income. High returns are often associated with high risk and not everyone is comfortable should their investment fall by a third or more overnight. A  licensed professional adviser will make a detailed assessment of your attitude to risk before introducing you to one or more of our trading desks. They will also ensure you do not put all your eggs in one basket by helping you diversify not only across different asset classes but also across different types of accounts.



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Execution Trading

Irrespective of the market order size we can facilitate your order at the best true live market prices through our vast network of trading platforms. Our buy / sell commissions are amongst the most competitive in the market.  Through our close working relationship with Market Makers,  Authorised Participants,  primary and secondary market professionals, we can facilitate most type of trades , including  large institutional block trades. We also engage in dark pool investment structures where the need for avoiding the predatory actions of High Frequency Traders is often the preferred choice.


Discretionary Trading
Our trading desks, analysts and  licensed investment professionals offer a variety of discretionary trading accounts across equities, commodities, derivatives and exchange traded funds, covering a wide range of both asset and underlying asset classes. Associated fees for our discretionary trading accounts vary depending upon the value of the trades conducted and the particular advice furnished. With certain account types fees are based on performance only, whilst other account types are a mix of both performance only based fees together with a percentage of the value of funds traded.


Managed Account Trading
Whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned professional most of our clients opt for this type of account when commencing a business advisor relationship with us. Our various managed  trading accounts cover , again , equities, commodities , derivatives and exchange traded funds. Each managed trading account is run and controlled by a sector specific trader and his team of junior traders and analysts. Fees associated with managed trading accounts vary and are slightly higher than those applied to discretionary trading accounts  as a managed trading accounts entails the expense of time for us together with specialist market knowledge.