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Why Ace Business Holdings for ETFs

Liquid access: Ace Business Holdings’ Team is uniquely positioned to help clients access liquidity and minimize trading costs by assessing total potential liquidity, analysing transaction costs, providing limit order guidance, sourcing liquidity through relationships with more than 200 specialist market makers and identifying liquidity available via the creation/redemption process.

Comprehensive product suite: Ace Business Holdings offers a wide range of funds from broad-based equity and bond funds, to more specialised areas such as alternative assets and emerging markets. Ace Business Holdings works with the world’s most well-known index providers to construct ETFs that facilitate clients’ benchmarking needs.

Full transparency: We believe in letting our clients know exactly what they own, so they are in a position to manage risk levels and tailor exposure according to their own investment goals.

Commitment to client service: Dedicated professionals are there to help investors at all stages of the investment process, whether our clients are thinking, buying, holding or selling. We are always available to provide detailed information and analysis on our range of funds when investors are considering which ETF is right for them. And when it comes to buying and selling, we have a dedicated broker/dealer team that works with both clients and market makers to facilitate ETF trading and help find the best possible prices for our clients.

All financial plans are not created equal. Working with your Ace Business Holdings' Trader, you have a Fixed Income Advantage, as your advisor has a unique freedom to offer objective, unbiased advice with access to client-focused resources. Once your advisor fully understands your personal circumstances, a custom tailored long-term plan will be created to meet your specific goals, providing for your financial well-being.

Over time, bonds can provide excellent risk-adjusted returns. Fixed income investments serve to diversify your portfolio, helping to potentially stabilise your over-all return, offset future liabilities, and create a predictable income stream to support your desired lifestyle, all the while helping to safeguard your net worth. Your advisor will create a portfolio with a potential to preserve capital and minimise risk while maximising returns, and also perform well in unpredictable market environments.

Understanding that one solution does not fit all, your advisor will strive to earn and maintain your trust by delivering five important elements: personalised service, reliable performance, valuable experience, customised solutions and industry leadership. Market information and evaluation, strategy development, and competitive prudent and cost-effective order execution enable your advisor to build a strong foundation upon which this service to you is based.Education efforts and market perspective are complemented by independent third party research, supported by Moody’s Investors Service Credit research, available to you from your Ace Business Holdings' Financial Advisor.

Customised Solutions

In addition to being familiar with your specific situations and financial goals, your advisor has direct access to fixed income professionals, if needed, who can suggest appropriate actions and develop customized solutions. This gives you an opportunity to follow a long-term approach which uses passive investing overlaid with active monitoring, and make adjustments as warranted to realign the financial plan with your specific investment objectives.




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Award winning Research and education

Review and Analysis

Your financial advisor will access the appropriate investment tools as part of a proactive and professional approach to fixed income investing, including comprehensive portfolio analysis to assist you in the decision making process.

Competitive Execution

Critical components of fixed income investing include price transparency, liquidity and execution. Through your trader, you’ll have access to both primary and secondary markets through the TradeWeb trading platform, one of the largest fixed income retail liquidity pools in the United States. This means that you are not limited to bonds owned by Ace Business Holdings, since we co-mingle our offerings with those offered by many other dealers. The result is that your financial advisor can choose the offerings best suited for your individual needs.


Income and Diversification​

Developing personalised financial plans and managing evolving financial needs demands regular and comprehensive portfolio review. When it comes to fixed income investments, your trader continuously analyze and update strategies to meet your individual objectives for income and to help grow and protect your assets.


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